Neighbors for More Neighbors: the need for zoning PSAs

Housing is a basic human right, and it needs a PSA campaign.

Over the past few years as I’ve thought about local housing issues, I’ve become concerned with how to distill the arguments down into understandable ways. There are a lot of arguments, misinformation, and general lack of understanding of zoning to distill: and part of this is because of how mundane all these issues seem to be at face value.

Over the past month or so, me, and a friend created a few PSAs under the monicker “Neighbors for More Neighbors“, collaborating over messaging while I do design. The ads area play on a couple things, not just housing, but the original sources: senior voter fearmongering, to sexual health campaigns from yesteryear that would definitely not pass public scrutiny today (though honestly, today’s campaigns aren’t always better: many remain stigmatizing and othering).

The zoning PSA campaign has gotten coverage the Slate, and some of the PSAs are available for sale as postcards, posters, and stickers from some great people out in the Bay Area, YIMBYaction.

I’ve tried to get Neighbors for More Neighbors all over social media, so check out the website for social media links to keep up to date on our latest graphic design shenanigans.