Mapping Minneapolis: from lawn signs to bathrooms

Have you ever thought about where toilets in Minneapolis are? Apparently I have.

Continuing my habit of occasionally mapping out datasets, I was fortunate enough to have a couple cool datasets to map out and analyze in the past month.

Toilets?! I stumbled upon a cool feature of the City Assessor’s data. Read on here for the cool interactive maps and analysis. Turns out, density isn’t the only thing that can predict where and how many bathrooms there are.

Anti-Minneapolis 2040 Lawn Signs. Me and some friends got together and collected data, and I analyzed it in this map. It looks like homeownership and high property wealth are the connecting factor amongst people opposed to #Mpls2040. Read the writeup here.

I’d like to throw in a major plug for ObservableHQ. It’s made playing with datasets easy, and helped me come up with these analyses. Try it out!